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Booking a swimming session

The way you book and pay is changing…

Hello from Halo Leisure.  We are the social enterprise and registered charity that from 1st March 2022 is working in partnership with Brockworth Sports Centre.  You will be hearing lots more from us in the future as we have exciting plans to develop the Sports Centre.  For now we would like to tell you that the way you currently book and pay for your bookings is changing.

We have moved to a new on-line Booking System (Legend) for all Activity and Facility Hire bookings and all our existing customers  have been notified.  

As part of this, you'll need to create an account for the new on-line Booking System.

Please follow the steps below to create your account and information on how to make a booking for a casual Swim or Swim School (children's swimming lessons).


STEP 1 - Set up your Halo online account

STEP 2 - Create your Halo online account password so that you will be ready to book your swimming online.

STEP 3 - Use this new link to book a swim for 1st April 2022 onwards

  • Once you have set up your Halo account, log-in using this link with your Halo account name and password -
  • Select ‘Activity Bookings‘ (on right hand side of screen).
  • Choose 'Brockworth' from the ‘Club’ drop down menu.
  • Select ‘Swimming Sessions’ under Category.
  • View timetable and select your session.

Please note:

- The new booking system allows you to book a rolling 2 weeks in advance.
- Bookings should be made in line with our Swim Admissions policy -

Great news...

...for Senior swimmers (aged 60+)... you only get the discounted rate on dedicated senior swim sessions but from 1st April 2022 the new booking system will automatically apply your concessionary price to ANY public swim session.
...for children in our Swim School paying by Direct Debit will enjoy FREE family swim and public swim sessions. Please book online as usual.

- Every person (including young children) attending a swimming session must have a Halo account and pre-book their swimming session in advance.

Please contact the Sports Centre on 01452 864796 or